Chambers Top Ten Tips for Driving This Winter

THE clocks have changed and suddenly yesterday morning we were greeted with ice on our cars. Winter has officially started!

With the nights drawing in and it getting icier and slippery out there, we asked our managers for some simple tips and advice on how you can stay safe in your car this winter.

1. If you're going on a long journey, make sure you have a full tank of fuel – fuel prices are at a 4year low (but are still high on motorways) so take advantage at your local supermarket.

2. Check your route before you leave and give yourself plenty of time. Its really simple but if you know beforehand about heavy traffic you can avoid it! If you do find yourself stuck in traffic keep the car moving as long as possible – it's a lot more fuel efficient than constant stopping and starting.

3. Ensure your phone is fully charged and that someone knows where you're going. If you get stuck somewhere or do have an accident, you want to be able to call someone for help

4. Check your tyres, if your tyres are over or under inflated it can hugely impact your fuel efficiency. If like me you have no idea how to do this, call our service teams and they will be able to book an appointment to check this for you FREE of charge.

5. It's always best to be prepared, make sure you have a bottle of water in the car, a blanket and some snacks. It might be a little hopeful that we'll be having a white Christmas, but if we do you'll appreciate the pack of goodies

6. Do a quick health check of your car. Are all the lights working and your levels correct? If you're not sure what we're talking about, give our service teams a call and someone will be able to help

7. If your car breaks down, or you're involved in an accident you'll want people to see you in the dark. It's a great idea to have a high-vis jacket and triangle in the boot in case of emergency.

8. If we do get snow, hopefully the council will be prepared and the gritters will have it covered! If by some chance they don't you could always try a walk to work or car-pooling whatever you do leave yourself plenty of time.

9. Stay calm! Whatever the road throws at you whether it be weather or other drivers, or you're generally having a bad day, just stay calm. Zipping in and out of lanes probably won't get your anywhere faster but increases your risk of an accident

10. And last but by no means least, if it does snow, under no circumstances should you eat yellow snow!