"Where we're going, we don't need roads..."

So the day has finally arrived, it is back to the future day!  The day Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive in the future and while some things have worked out, I’m afraid to say we still need roads.

While the cars may have looked incredibly futuristic at the time, they are somewhat different to what we currently have sitting in the showroom here at Chambers. 

While the props team at Universal Studios had some great ideas we’re yet to see them out and about on the streets of Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth. There are some great colours and paintjobs around now, but we don’t seem to have been quite able to reach the standard of funky paintjobs or stripes that appeared in Back to the Future II, we also haven’t seen the wacky full wheel covers, quite the opposite infact with the great looking alloys you can get now. One thing is for sure our cars are more aerodynamic with sleeker looking designs, which I like to think is definitely due to the ideas from Back to the Future. However most disappointingly flying cars do still seem to be a little way off, which means, for now at least, we’re still stuck in rush hour traffic.

But at least the hover board has made an appearance just in time for today, even if they're not legal yet!