Ford Tips on Saving Fuel

Ford have been kind enough to give us the low down on saving fuel and we here at Chambers have illustrated their points. Check out how you can save money and fuel below.

Fuel Economy Tips

Follow these easy steps to keep more pounds in your pocket and more fuel in your tank!

Know your MPG (Miles Per Gallon)

Increasing the number of miles per gallon you can get from your vehicle is a sure fire way to cut down on trips to the petrol station

  • 33% Drive Smoothly - Speeding, rapid accelerating and braking can lower MPG by 5% in urban driving and 33% at motorway speeds.
  • 3% Keep Tyres Correctly Inflated - Make sure tyres are not over or under-inflated correct pressure can improve MPG by more than 3%.
  • 4% Never Miss a Service - A car that is noticeably out of tune can reduce MPG by 4%.
  • 2% Use Recommended Grade of Oil - Following manufacturers motor oil recommendation can improve MPG by up to 2%.

Tips and Tricks for Fuel Savers

  • Choose a high quality fuel - Carbon deposits can build up on critical engine parts, which can decrease the performance of the engine.
  • Use Control on major roads in free-flowing traffic - Maintaining a constant speed improves MPG
  • Reduce the number of gear changes - i.e. 5 to 3, 4 to 2 using gear shift indicator. This keeps the engine speed stable.
  • Don't drive down hills - Ease of the accelerator pedal and use the momentum of the car. Down hill coasting is free fuel!
  • Avoid Idling use Auto start/stop - When idling, the car gets zero MPG.
  • Plan your car journeys - Avoid short seperate trips where possible, short trips mean cold starts for your engine runs more efficiently when warm.