Do you know which type of customer you are?

We’re proud to be able to deliver what our customers not only need but want. We understand that each and every business is different and have their own requirements for their vehicles and that’s why we’re delighted to be able to offer you such a diverse range of cars.

Here at Chambers we have a small, highly knowledgeable team, meaning we can offer you a personalised service with a wealth of business expertise to suit any type of business you are.

We guarantee a personalised experience that delivers you and your business exactly what you are looking for whether it be one car or a whole fleet of cars.

Below is a small breakdown of the more common business drivers we help, if you have any questions or are not sure where you and your business would best sit, please don’t hesitate in picking up and phone and speaking to our team, no matter the question they will be more than happy to help and point you in the right direction.


  • ​At Chambers Group, we know time is precious so we can provide you with assurance that each request is handled efficiently and with a speedy response
  • Our competitive rates ensure you will get the best deal possible when discussing with your customer

Business Owner:

  • As a business owner, we can answer any questions you may have when it comes to deciding on the best options for your company car fleet
  • For any test drive requests, please contact Pete Darby on 01827 318600 (Mazda & Hyundai) or 0121 311 1133 (Ford)

Company Car Driver:

  • Test drive opportunities
  • Designated contact to provide personalised assistance when discussing specifications of vehicles
  • Benefit-In Kind expertise

Fleet Manager:

  • Providing assistance in terms of costs to the business when employees are looking for a new company car
  • Where required, test drives can be provided to employees at any point of their order process

Leasing Company

  • We work with most of the major leasing companies across our manufacturer range, with particular assistance around the provision of test drives
  • Customer service is a core element of how we at Chambers Group run our business and this excellence will be passed onto your customers when in contact with us

Opt Out

  • For those employees who decide to opt out of their company car scheme, we can provide expert advice, without bias, on funding options when it comes to running your own vehicle
  • We will make sure your next new vehicle is the right one for you and one way to assist in this process is providing test drives on vehicles to help you make an informed decision